Tuesday, October 18, 2016



SOLD 东南区 Midnapore duplex没有管理费 $280,000

SOLD my listing C4064839 19 Midpark DR SE $280,000. 

My hiking friend's house. It is tougher than I thought as the condition of the row house especially original kitchen & baths. With tenants lived there for the first month and mess in the house, we got lots of attraction but only one offer. I would say owner was not ready for offer or do not really know what to do. Negotiation was not smooth at all as seller stop negotiation in the middle of conversation. 

After wasting two offers, I insist and suggest seller to work with the 3rd offer. It\'s never too late right especially offer is still on the table :). Atash said his parent can now retire. So happy for you buddy. 

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Friday, October 7, 2016

SOLD Evergreen SW two - story double attached garage $498,888

                                                     252 Everoak CI SW  C4075126

Helping first time home buyer bought a home is not the one they liked originally. I would say buyers are really simple :). They asked me to put an offer for another home $529,900 with developed basement. I know exactly would not pass my standard of buying. After comparing 4 other homes, I told buyer the one they like has average original condition, but this one asking price is $498,888, already with finished basement. Since this will not be their forever home, maybe it is better to take a better value home for resale sake, and this one with better condition. All family members agreed finally :)

Thank you for using my service.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


卡尔加里的二手房市场显示开始平稳的迹象,独立屋市场基准价九月份 $503,400,比去年降了3.3%,但是只是第二个月份保持在这个水平。




销售量呢各有千秋,独立屋涨了4%,但是公寓市场降了23 %。尽管如此,全部房屋产品段成交量都比去年低,也低于长线均值。

二手公寓市场库存可售房源大量增加,销售量却很可怜。再加上开发商的房源供给入市,雪上加霜,价格继续下滑。9月份公寓市场基准价为$274,700,比上个月低了 0.1%,比去年同期低了6.8%。

Monday, September 12, 2016

Canada 2016 2nd Quarter Commercial Snapshot

Not every Realtor in Calgary can help you with commercial real estate, I am more than happy to serve you with retail stores, industrial spaces & office sales & lease as certified commercial real estate agent. Just let me know where you would like to start!